What do the LEDs on my AP-series access point mean?


Datto Networking: What do the LEDs on my AP-series access point mean?


  • Datto AP-Series Access Points


The tables below list LED behavior for common states, gateway-specific states, and repeater-specific states.

NOTE  The blue component of the tri-color LED on all Access Points, D200s, and G200s manufactured before March 2022 has a known issue which causes it to fade in intensity over the course of its service life.

Common states

Device state LED behavior
Locate mode Teal, purple, green, yellow, and red flashes
Boot loader Solid purple
Booting up Solid yellow
Node is executing firmware upgrade Solid red
Datto Networking cloud management check-in failure Flash white
Key re-pair Flash yellow
Configuration change AP not ready Solid white
Net failure - no default route Flash red

Gateway-specific states

Device state LED behavior
Datto Networking cloud management check-in successful. The AP is working as intended while being hardwired into the LAN. Solid teal
IP acquired via DHCP but inet test is failing Flash purple

Repeater-specific states

Device state LED behavior
Check-in performed, mesh speed less than or equal to 2 Mbps Flash green
Orphan Mode Flash yellow then green
Lonely Mode Flash red then green
Check-in performed, mesh speed greater than 2 Mbps Solid green