Flashing networking device firmware


This article describes how to flash firmware releases onto a Datto Access Point by using a flashing utility. Use this article to download the tools and firmware needed to flash the device, and as a walkthrough for the flashing procedure.


  • Datto Access Points
  • Microsoft Windows


An access point may require a reinstall of its firmware as a troubleshooting step. In this case, you must manually flash the firmware release onto the access point.


1. Install Npcap (external link).

2. Download the required access point firmware flashing utility from our Access point firmware downloads page.

3. Open an elevated command prompt on the Windows machine containing the flashing utility. Navigate to the utility's directory, input its file name (in this example, open-mesh-flash-ng), then press Enter. A usage prompt will display.

Figure 1: open-mesh-flash-ng usage

4. Run the command open-mesh-flash-ng n, replacing 'n' with the number associated with the Ethernet port that will communicate to the access point.

Figure 2: The utility listening on Ethernet device 3

5. Connect your access point to the Ethernet port specified in step 4 and power it on. You do not need a crossover cable for this step. Power cycle the device if you already had it powered on.

6. Verify that the output of the flash utility is similar to Figure 3. Once the utility finds the device on the network, it will display its MAC address and device type. If you chose a virtual NIC, additional devices might populate in the command's output before reaching your desired device.

The process will take three-15 minutes to complete. If nothing displays after 10 seconds, power cycle the access point, or connect to a different Ethernet port.

Figure 3: A successfully flashed device.

7. Run the command open-mesh-flash-ng -v to verify the access point's current firmware version.

8. Exit the utility, or connect another access point to run the same flashing process.

Datto Networking Portal

After flashing the firmware, follow these steps in the Datto Networking Portal for your access point:

1. Verify you have configured the access point to run on the same firmware version previously flashed, and disable automatic updates. You can find both of these configuration settings on the Maintenance page.

2. After reconnecting your access point, pair it to the network.

Recently flashed access points may take up to 40 minutes to check in.