Legacy Open Mesh: Manually flashing the G200 router firmware


How do I manually flash the firmware on my G200 router?


  • Open Mesh G200 router


This article discusses the procedure for flashing the G200 router's firmware, an important step to prepare a new unit for installation and troubleshoot problem states. Use this article to download the necessary flash utilities and walk through the flashing process.


  1. Download and installWinPCap(external link). You do not need to do so if you are using Linux.
  2. Download the version 1.3.2 flash utility for Windows or Linux.
  3. Connect the machine to which you downloaded the flash utility to the G200 router's WAN port.
  4. Open a Windows command prompt window and navigate to the flash utility's directory.
  5. Run the utility with no options selected. The utility will show a list of PC network interfaces. Find the appropriate Ethernet interface and note its option number.
  6. Rerun the utility with the option number of your Ethernet interface selected.

If the flashing process does not begin immediately, power cycle the router to force the process.

Once the router comes back up after a flash, its LED should flash yellow and ask to be paired in CloudTrax as the final step in the flash process.

Note: The message, "is of type 'redboot' that we have no image for," is common. You may safely disregard it.

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