Setting up the DSE421


This article discusses setting up the DSE421 appliance for use with Datto Secure Edge.


  • Datto Secure Edge


Set up the DSE421 appliance

1. Plug in the DSE421 appliance using the provided power cable and wait until the power light turns solid green.

2. Connect to the router using an ethernet cable in the blue internet port of the appliance. An ethernet cable is provided, but a longer cable may be used if needed. The light on the right will turn solid green after connecting to the internet.

Figure 1: DSE421

Linking a Subscriber ID to the Access Point

1. From the Datto Partner Portal, select Status→ Networking Status.

Figure 2: Datto Partner Portal

2. Select the network from the available list.

Figure 3: Networking Status

3. Select Secure Edge from the options under Manage.

Figure 4: Secure Edge

4. Select Provisioning or Subscriptions in Use.

Figure 5: Subscriptions in use

5. Click Invite Subscribers

Figure 6: Invite Subscribers

6. Select the Subscription Type, the Commitment Term, add email(s) of users you need to provide with a license and click Add Users.

7. Ensure the box Send download link and instructions is selected, unless the end user is only connecting to the appliance and not using the Secure Edge software.

Figure 7: Buy Datto Secure Edge

8. After the next screen loads, click Add Appliance

Figure 8: Add appliance

9. Select the device by the MAC Address, create a new name for the appliance, and then click Add.

Figure 9: MAC addresses

10. You will be returned to the Subscribers page where you can select the access point from the available list. It will show up as being Unassigned.

Figure 10: Unassigned

11. Click Unassigned and a new panel will appear. Choose the user from the Primary Subscriber drop-down menu and select Save Changes.

Figure 11: Assign