Legacy Open Mesh: G200 Router FAQs


This article answers frequently-asked questions about the Open Mesh G200 router.


  • Open Mesh G200 Router


Troubleshooting / Maintenance / Installation

Q: How do you factory reset the G200?

A: Please see: G200 Pinhole Reset.

Q:What does the LED light on the G200 indicate?

A: Please see: What does the LED light on the Router mean?

Q: How do I determine what's new in a firmware release?

A: See: G200 Router Firmware Release Notes.

Q: How do I flash/upgrade the firmware on the G200?

A: See: How to manually re-flash your G200 router.

Q: What port do I use when manually flashing the firmware to the G200?

A: In order to manually flash the firmware to the G200, use the WAN port instead of the LAN ports.

Q:Is the router supported on legacy CloudTrax master accounts?

A. No, the router is only supported with the User Management system.

Q: Can the router be mounted in a standard server rack?

A: The router is not rack mountable. However, there will be a solution to this in the future.


Q: Can the G200 power Open Mesh access points?

A: Yes, some models. Please see: G200 Router Passive PoE Ports.

WAN Configuration

Q: How does WAN failover work?

A: Please see: Failover capabilities of the G200 router.

Q: Can I bond or load balance multiple WAN connections?

A: No, only one of the WAN ports can be active. Bonding or load balancing are not supported.

Q: Can I route traffic out to the internet through a non-primary static IP address?

A: No. Traffic bound for the internet from the LAN will go out the primary static IP address. Secondary static IP addresses can only be used when configuring Port Forwarding or 1:1 NAT firewall rules.

Q: What is the WAN SFP port used for?

A: SFP stands for Small Form-Factor Pluggable, which is typically used for fiber optic connections.

Q: Can I use a "Copper SFP" module, so I can use standard Ethernet cabling via the SFP port?

A: While Copper SFP modules can work, we're not able to suggest a specific brand or model, nor guarantee absolute compatibility. Please also see Ethernet / Copper SFP Module Known Issue.

Q: Does the G200 support PPPoE?

A: Yes.

Q: Can we connect "Fiber to the Home" (FTTH) to SFP WAN port?

A: Theoretically you could hookup a FTTH connection to the SFP port with the appropriate SFP module. If your internet provider requires PPPoE, you can set it up via the local WAN configuration wizard.

Q: Are there any plans to add a modem in the future?

A: There are no plans for modem functionality, as modems have a lot of differences and certification requirements between ISPs.


Q: How many VLANs can be set up simultaneously?

A: Theoretically you can do any number of VLANs from 2-4094.


Q: How do I configure the VPN?

A: Please see: Configuring Router User VPN

Q: What client software is needed to connect to the VPN?

A: The G200 uses OpenVPN. Any client software with up-to-date- OpenVPN support should work.

Q: Does the G200 support site-to-site VPN with 2 or more sites?

A: The G200 will eventually supports G200 to G200 VPNs and also IPSec-based VPN connections.

Q: What does the "Enable Primary LAN Access" setting do?

A: When checked, it allows VPN access to all LANs and VLANs on the router. When unchecked, it blocks VPN access to all LANs and VLANs on the router.

QoS / Content Blocking / Splash Pages

Q: Would it be possible to customize traffic prioritization with custom speeds?

A: Custom speeds for traffic prioritization are not supported at this time.

Q: Would it be possible at some point to block traffic, such as peer to peer?

A: The router does not directly support content filtering at this time.

Q:Will a captive portal be available from the G200?

A: There are currently no plans for captive portal on the G200.


Q: Does the G200 support SNMP?

A: No, the G200 does not support SNMP.


Q: Can custom scripts be applied?

A: Currently custom scripts cannot be applied to the G200. If there is a feature you need, please submit a feature request.