Deploying the Secure Edge softclient


This article describes the basic steps for manually downloading, installing, and applying your organization's configuration to the Secure Edge softclient on a customer endpoint. To learn how to deploy the softclient via RMM tools, refer to Deploying the Secure Edge softclient via Datto RMM and Managing Secure Edge softclient deployments with VSA 10.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN  Using third-party VPN and DNS filtering applications with the Secure Edge solution may cause unexpected or undesirable behavior. We recommend disabling these utilities for endpoints that leverage the Secure Edge client.

Download and install the application

  1. In your web browser, visit and navigate to the Datto Secure Edge section of the page.

  2. On the endpoint you'd like to configure, download the client installer that corresponds with your operating system.

  3. If you're remotely installing the Secure Edge softclient on an endpoint via MSIEXEC, use the following argument:

    msiexec.exe /package SecureEdge.msi /qn /norestart ORGANIZATION_CODE=<org_code>

    Replace <org_code> with your organizational code. Then, skip ahead to step 6 in this section of the article.

    NOTE  The organizational code is provided via email from Datto or by your IT support department. If you cannot find the email, contact your support team.

  4. If you're directly installing the Secure Edge softclient on the endpoint, run the installer as a local administrator.

  5. Once the installation completes, reboot the computer if it prompts you to do so.

  6. in the Windows Start Menu or the macOS Dock, locate and run the application called Datto Secure Edge.

  7. If prompted, enter your organization code and click Next.

  8. Select the authentication method you or your administrator configured in Authentication Settings to continue.

Next steps

For more information about the softclient deployment process, refer to How do I activate a Datto Secure Edge software client?

Are you deploying the Secure Edge solution for the first time? Follow the below steps to continue.